We Make Healthcare Whole By Putting Food First

Food is and has always been a primary pivot for human culture. The ways in which food is collected, shared, and eaten has been used for millions of years as the basis for teaching skills, structuring relationships, and assigning meaning to our experiences. Our current culture—our collective habits and beliefs—is inadvertently causing tremendous and preventable human, ecological, and economic suffering.

If we want a more health-supporting culture, we have to create the demand for one.

Making food quality central to employer, provider, and healthcare programs, practices, and benefits design helps individuals regain or retain good health, brings—because food is the great connector—their familial and social groups along with them, and efficiently creates consumer demand for better quality food. The food industry—growers, processors, manufacturers, and retailers—exists to respond to that demand. Continue reading

Why “The Full Yield”

The Full Yield takes its name from farmers: if you start with high quality seeds, protect your soil to maintain its inherent richness, water when necessary, and get lucky with the weather and the bugs, you’ll get a full yield—the greatest crop those seeds can produce.

Any one of us, as an individual, a family system, an organization, an employer, a community, a culture, a country and an economy, will be healthier and more productive when we value and care for our seeds and our soil—our own and each others’ health, self-efficacy, and sustained capacities.

Illustration of Zoe's childhood home root cellar

“One personal choice seems to influence long-term health more than any other: what we eat.”

– Surgeon General emeritus
Dr. C. Everett Koop