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Creating a Community of Elders

August 21, 2010 | Tags: Featured , Food , Health | Post comment

Creating a Community of Elders

The Full Yield Program is predicated on our belief--and abundant research done by others--that the single most important, most urgent thing any of us can do to improve our health, our quality of life, and our ability to endure the various stresses of life, is to eat a health-supporting diet.

Those who make a commitment to eating primarily health-supporting foods--and avoiding health-depleting ones--are astonished by how good they feel and how much else improves for them: energy, mood, sleep, biometrics, medications, self-confidence…… not just for the short-term, but ongoing.

We believe that when we bring our consciousness to our food choices, and when we notice that by eating high-quality foods, the quality of our health improves, we are forever launched upon a path down which we are increasingly looking for that which is health-supporting and authentic.

When we eat health-supporting foods, we get our power back; if you eat well for a few weeks, or, better, a month, you can truly trust your own palate to protect you: you’ll be able to taste what is naturally sweet and salty, will notice what is fresh, what is old, what is rancid, what is chemically bitter. You’ll be able to put your health ahead of the tip of your tongue, your mind ahead of marketing, quality ahead of quantity.

We know this is a radical commitment to make.  All around us people are eating health-depleting foods as if this were normal.  And it is normal---it’s our cultural norm.  As social beings we “norm” to our group, and if most groups out there are eating fast food, are eating health-depleting foods disguised as “good for you,” then it’s much, much harder to hold to a different choice, meal after meal, day after day.

We aren’t going to be able to restore public health unless and until we can create a healthier culture and for that we need a group of elders who can and will place a higher value on quality than on quantity on behalf of our country’s best interests.  For the first million years of human history (the equivalent of 99% of human time), all cultures were clan-based and clan elders had the critical role of setting patterns or rituals for the benefit of the group and in relation to the entire known living world.   That is to say, elders were the keepers and the teachers of culture.

At The Full Yield, we believe that by collaborating with organizations delivering healthcare, health insurance, and food, as well as with organizations that foster group norms (employers, families), we are creating a community of elders.  By pairing our messages with an integrated, food-based wellness intervention, and by joining with other voices making connections between food and health and culture, we are helping to create the cohesion necessary for cultural change.

Please join us.