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Beginning: Every Day Yourself

December 12, 2010 | Tags: Exercise , Featured , Food , Fruit , Health , Vegetables | Post comment

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Several decades ago, when I was just starting my midwifery program at Yale, I saw a bumper sticker whose message I’ve been thinking about ever since. 

It said, No matter where you go, there you are.

This is a fundamental truth and on the surface, we could say, Of course!  But most people I know make a daily practice of trying to get away from themselves and this is especially true this time of the year.

The impetus for the start of “lifestyle” programs and also for new years’ resolutions is: I will eat better/move more/lose weight and be a better person THEN.  All over the country right now people are counting on a culturally sanctioned amnesia to carry them through the holidays because, come January, they can become the selves they would prefer to be.  We spend the month of December ignoring our true needs by putting ourselves to the side, right along with health-supporting sleep, eating, motion, and thought.

But guess what?  No matter where you go, there you are!  Every day, regardless of the season and the company, you deserve to feel vital and well, you deserve health-supporting foods, adequate sleep, energizing motion, empowered thinking.  You deserve to bring your whole self to your year-end celebrations. 

So instead of pretending that your real self and your real life will start on January 1st, 2011, I invite you to bring your whole and deserving self to your year-end celebrations, to be fully present for the conversations, the cooking, and the feasting, to chose consciously your decadence, and to go to bed and wake up each day feeling comfortable and alive.   

And this is an invitation our program is designed to offer and to support: to honor yourself and your health as best you can, not because you are in this program, but because you’re with yourself for all of your life.