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Stay home

January 06, 2012 | Tags: Featured , Health | Post comment

Stay home

Having worked on family farms and as a nurse-midwife, I’ve been up close and personal with the bodies of both human and non-human animals.  While free, healthy animals seem to live in their bodies, we humans mostly don’t—and don’t even notice that we don’t. 

Mostly, we only notice our bodies if we’ve got a new or worsening pain or if we’re feeling burdened by them because we have to “take” them to the gym (as if we could get there without them!) or out for a walk, or our clothes aren’t fitting well, or because they won’t perform on command in some way.

We seem to regard our bodies are the things that hold us down, hold us back—they are what stand between us and our ideals.

Letting go of ideals can be very hard, so hold onto any ideal that works for you.  Meanwhile, see if you can locate more of your life within your physical body.  It’s yours for as long as you’re here, aiming to do well by you, deserving of care, and miraculously capable of breath, movement, rest, repair, work, pleasure, and play.  It isn’t the all of you, but it’s home base.

Here’s a bumper sticker driving around out there and worth taking to heart: “If you were in your body you’d be home by now.”