The Full Yield’s visionary and highly differentiated approach has received national attention in The New York Times, Fast Company, The Boston Globe, and Employee Benefit News among others, and was the subject of the lead Harvard Business School case in 2011’s Agribusiness Executive Seminar.

A systems thinking approach to food and health

Zoe Finch Totten, CEO of The Full Yield provides a “Systems Thinking” approach to health care through the avenue of diet evaluation and the cummulative affects of a whole grain/whole food diet on long term health care improvement.

Zoe Finch Totten, founder and CEO, now an Ashoka Fellow.

Ashoka Fellows are leading social entrepreneurs who are recognized to have innovative solutions to social problems and the potential to change patterns across society. They demonstrate unrivaled commitment to bold new ideas and prove that compassion, creativity, and collaboration are tremendous forces for change....Read more

Eating well and cooking healthfully in the later years

By Marion Davis for The Boston Globe
Published: November 6, 2011

Jane Olszewski loves food. An avid cook, she’s always on the lookout for great recipes, and will happily share her secret for a perfect grilled salmon. For a while, she managed a store that sold gourmet foods and cookware. Her North End neighborhood is her playground, chock full of treats. But Olszewski, 69, can’t indulge in cheesy risotto or her old favorite, veal chops....Read more

Food for thought: Using the whole foods (no, not the store)
wellness approach

Published: October 10, 2011

Zoe Finch Totten, founder and CEO of The Full Yield, talks to EBN Managing Editor Andrea Davis about whole foods, their importance to our health and the results of a whole-foods pilot project involving 1,100 employees from seven employers. For more information, read “Employer finds putting food first yields dramatic results” in EBN October 2011.

Podcast Podcast of EBN interview with Zoe Finch Totten, Founder, The Full Yield, Inc.: download or listen online

The Full Yield Bucks Status Quo to Improve Health & Cut Costs

Published: September 15, 2011

Danvers, MA—Sept. 15, 2011 The Full Yield, the nation’s first program to create lasting individual and group health through a healthcare and food industry collaboration, is now available nationally to both employers and individual consumers and has launched nationally with John Hancock.

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A healthy corporation

By Marion Davis for The Boston Globe
Published: August 28, 2011

John Hancock Financial has reduced its expenses by investing in programs that help employees get fit and eat better and is rolling out The Full Yield nationwide...Read more

You are what you eat, and new firm aims to fix that

By Cindy Kibbe for the New Hampshire Business Review
Published: December 17, 2010

Northeast Delta Dental is the first New Hampshire company to take part in a new nutrition-based wellness program claiming to improve health as well as — or even better than — prescription medications....Read more

Fast Company
Next Health: Better Office Health Through Employee’s Diet

By Elaine Appleton Grant
Published: June 1, 2010

Moderation, schmoderation. Can Zoe Finch Totten’s whole-foods-only wellness system attack companies’ health-care costs through employees’ stomachs? Read article

Boxford resident’s nutrition program to go nationwide

By Brendan Lewis for Tri-Town Transcript
Published: February 15, 2010

Boxford Topsfield Middleton—It is the food you put in your body that matters the most to your health. And, seven years in the making, a Boxford resident hopes to pass that message to the masses in a way that makes a difference...Read more

The Full Yield, Inc. Launches Breakthrough Collaboration to Put Food Back at the Heart of Healthcare

Published: February 8, 2010

Danvers, MA—February 3rd, 2010 The nation’s first fully integrated collaboration between the food and healthcare industries to simultaneously improve health and reduce healthcare spending has been launched by The Full Yield, Inc.

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The Full Yield, Inc. in The New York Times

Health Care Savings Could Start
in the Cafeteria

By Melanie Warner for The New York Times
Published: November 28, 2009

“We need to put food back in the heart of health care,” says Zoe Finch Totten, Full Yield’s chief executive. “It’s the cheapest way to deal with health and the simplest, and definitely the most pleasurable.” Read Article

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