Harvard Pilgrim Health Care’s Value of Wellness℠ tool yielded an ROI of 2.6:1 per pilot participant.

Pilot participants improved their blood pressure, cholesterol, weight, and BMI, increased their physical activity, and reported experiencing more energy, better sleep, and reductions in medications and stress following program prescriptions and radically improving the quality of their diets.

In addition, participants reported that their non-enrolled families, friends and colleagues changed their eating and activity habits and reported feeling healthier as well. These facts demonstrate the efficacy of The Full Yield business model in reaching social groups surrounding those in direct treatment. Participant retention in the pilot was three times greater than industry benchmarks.

The Full Yield attracted those who needed the program most: 82% of our piloting members had at least one risk factor and 34% had three or more risk factors. Risk factors included overweight, obesity, elevated blood pressure, cholesterol and percent body fat, and participants also had significant problems with stress, sleep, low energy, acid reflux and other gastrointestinal symptoms.

The Full Yield Program improves behaviors—for family members too

Eating more health-supporting foods: vegetables, fruits, whole grains, beans, nuts and seeds, lean animal proteins and low-fat dairy 89%
Eating fewer health-depleting foods: highly refined and processed products, high in sugars, salt, and poor-quality fats 86%
Increasing physical activity levels 71%
Participation improved health of non-enrolled family members 66%

The Full Yield Program improves biometrics and reduces risk

Members who lost weight 52%
Initially had elevated BMI and reduced their BMI 59%
Initially had elevated blood pressure and reduced their blood pressure 90%
Initially had elevated cholesterol and reduced their cholesterol 87%
Decreased their risk profile by at least one risk factor 21%
Moved from at-risk to healthy 8%

The Full Yield Program improves quality of life

Increased energy 64%
Increased awareness of health 70%
Greater awareness of what I’m eating 80%
Improved sleep quality 34%
Would recommend the program to family and friends 92%

Improvements achieved in only three months maintained and/or accelerated throughout the 12 month program.

“We’ve seen people’s biometrics improve in a way that is sustainable because they have learned new behaviors they’re holding onto.”

– Judith Frampton
Vice President Medical Management,
Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

“It’s been great to have other Full Yielders at my job. We are able to support each other and give each other ideas as far as meals and exercise. We build each other up!!”

– Program Participant

“I would not have discovered The Full Yield without my employer and for that I will be eternally grateful.”

– Program Participant