Success Stories

Pilot success stories

  • 92% would recommend the program to family and friends
  • 68% report their participation in the program has improved the health of their family members
  • 21% decreased their risk profile by at least one risk factor; 5% moved from at-risk to healthy in only three months

More program metrics

“To me The Full Yield Program can be summed up in one word: support. Eat natural unprocessed food and get more exercise, doesn’t sound too revolutionary to me. But The Full Yield is revolutionary because I am now part of a community of people committed to this change...”

“Before I started The Full Yield Program, I had gained 40 pounds, I was on three prescription medicines, and I didn’t feel good about myself. Three months later, I am down 32 pounds...”

“I had already been following Weight Watchers, but I have found The Full Yield very informational and was shocked by how much I was able to improve my eating habits.”

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